Vehicle Breakdown Policy

Vehicle / Breakdown Management System

Maintenance Management System (MMS)

Buszonrent ensures that our vehicles are not old enough and well maintained. But as this is a running machine, it may get any kind of default on road. This is a request to all our clients that don’t panic, as earliest as possible our company will provide an alternative but as per the situation. We always require safety for our clients. We request to support our association so that it may expand speedily.

1.      All Drivers have minimum 3 years of experience and are recruited only after conducting a proper driving test.

2.      All our Drivers have valid Indian Licence, Badge Number. They have been verified by the police.

3.      They are well trained in route map analysis, vehicle tracking, pick-up / drop co-ordination, safety measures, vehicle / driver co-ordination, vehicle paper updation, vehicle inspection for road worthiness, and most importantly the speed on roads and highways.

4.      Periodical Training are given regarding familiarization with the routes, safety while driving, road signs, measures to be taken to avoid accidents, action to be taken in case of accident / break-downs, cleanliness, behaviour towards the clients and employees.

5.      At any event of breakdown of vehicle, our backup vehicle take over the charge.

6.      As the vehicles is a machine, sometimes a well maintained vehicle gets damaged while running on the road. The backup for that vehicle only depends on how far the garage is located. Sometimes distance from the highway to the city is greater, in that case it may take few hours to provide the clients and alternative vehicle.

7.      In case of large Buses, tempo travelers or some luxury cars, the availability of backup of similar vehicles may not be possible at that moment. In that issue, we have to adjust sending a different vehicle or two or three smaller vehicle so that clients reach their destination safely.

8.      Also, machinery of these luxury vehicles cannot get rectified at smaller places, they have to be taken to showroom or a proper service centre. In that case, backup is available but it may take time.

9.      We generally avoid to take our clients by car in the nights, as in the night there are possibilities of accidents. Also in case of breakdown, no alternative is left for change in the vehicle or mechanics are also not present.

10. Till the time vehicle is changed, patience by everyone is required.


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