Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

* Booking will not be cancelled orally.
* Cancellation 1 week before the trip, 25 % of booking amount would be charged.
* Cancellation from Company’s end, the entire booking amount would be refunded.
* Cancellation before 3/4 Days of the Trip, 50% of booking amount would be charged.
* Cancellation before 10 Days or more from the Trip, no charges would be applicable.
* Cancellation of trip 1 day before the date of journey booking amount of 100% Non-Refundable.
* Prepone / Postpone of the changes in the travelling dates would be considered as Cancellation
* Changes in the travelling dates or upgrading with the vehicles would be considered as the cancellation.
* If you do not wish to proceed with the booking at the new price, you may cancel the booking request with respective cancellation charges.
*The company has the right at any time and for any reason to cancel the Booking, the company shall refund the amount paid the customer without any interest.
* If the guest decides to cancel the tour/trip due to unavoidable reason then he/she shall call and write down email / SMS with specified Booking No to consider into Action.

Refund Policy

* In case when the Driver has been collected Extra Amount from the Customer, the details will be verified and refunded within 3 to 4 Working days of time.
* Any refund payable to the customer will be paid after the company receives a refund from the respective authorities, processing charges would be applicable
* In case if any Tour/Trip is cancelled from the Company’s end, then the full refund of the amount paid by the customer will be made within 3/4 working days.
* Alternatively, the guest can take any other Tour/Trip option suggested by the team or can utilize the booking amount paid for any of the company’s future tour/trip.


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