Terms & Conditions


  • 25% of Total Payment for Booking Confirmation.
  • 50% of Total Payment before starting the Trip.
  • Balance amount need to be paid at the end of the Trip.

Note :-  Apart from above, in case of bookings made for peak season dates full payment is required to be made at the time of booking itself.


 Clients can make payment using any of the following methods :-

  • 1. By Online Credit / Debit Card Payment (Visa/Master Card/Diners Club)
  • 2. By Cash / Cheque / Demand Draft.
  • 3. By Bank Transfer (IMPS, RTGS & NEFT).

Note :-  In case of payment through credit/ debit card, 2.5% bank charges would be levied over and above the total amount.

Terms & Conditions

  •           Minimum KM’s/Day : 300 Kilometers, New Billing starts as per Calendar day.
  •           Calculation : All Distance & Timings are calculated from Garage to Garage.
  •           Driver Allowance : For local trips, Driver allowance will be applicable after 10 hours of   service or beyond 10 PM to 6 AM. Similarly, for outstation trips, any journey occurring between 10 PM to 6 AM will attract additional Driver allowance.
  •       Additional Charges : Toll, Parking & any fine imposed due to negligence by Guest on Road.
  •           Interstate Permit : Vaild only for 7 Days. No permits issued post Trip.
  •       Prohibited Activites : Smoking & Drinking strictly prohibited during the travel.
  •           Customers are responsible for their belongings, Buszonrent nor Drivers and Cleaners are not responsible for any lost valuables in Vehicle.
  •           Guide Charges are not included, provided at extra if needed.
  •            Conclusion of Trip : Any extra charges beyond the agreed price should be settled before the journey concludes.
  •           Washing & Cleaning Charges : Applicable for stains, smells, vomit, or any messes.
  •           Cleaning Charges : A cleaning fee of Rs.500 will be levied for vehicles decorated for special occasions such as weddings or functions.
  •           Vehicle Availability : If the fleet is unavailable on preferred dates after confirmation, a refund is processed within 2/3 working days.
  •           Factors Beyond Control: Charges due to factors beyond our control (flight delays, road blockage) are extra.
  •           Rate Variability: Quoted rates are subject to change during long weekends or special occasions.
  •           Baggage Allowance: Provided based on vehicle capacity.
  •           Refund Processing: Refunds, following the verification of any extra amounts collected, are diligently processed within a minimum of 8 to 10 working days. This ensures a thorough examination to guarantee accuracy before the refund is initiated.
  •           Complaint Notification: Any complaints about services or the vehicle must be reported within 7 days of the trip’s conclusion for consideration of refund or compensation.
  •           Air Conditioning Usage: Air conditioning is effective while the vehicle is moving, with additional charges for stationary use.
  •            Malfunction Disclaimer: The company is not responsible for air conditioning malfunctions on level roads or in extreme weather.
  •            Air Conditioner Availability: Air conditioners may not function well due to weather conditions or road conditions.
  •            Baggage Allowance: Porterage is not included in the tour package, and baggage allowance is based on vehicle capacity.
  •            Travel Convenience: Customers can stop worrying about parking, car problems, and road conditions, focusing on the journey while drivers manage logistics.
  •           Comfortable Travel: Well-maintained vehicles offer a comfortable and seamless travel experience with air conditioning, movable seats, and ample luggage space.
  •           Reasonably Priced Travel: buszonrent offers affordable prices for outstation travel, making it a cost-effective option for long-distance trips.
  •           GST Applicability: All vehicle package prices are exclusive of GST. The applicable GST rates are additional to the quoted prices.
  •            Passenger Travel Insurance: The company does not offer passenger travel insurance for customers. Travelers are encouraged to arrange their insurance.
  •           Traffic Congestion: In cases of traffic congestion, especially during peak hours, the journey duration may vary, and additional travel time should be considered.
  •           Road Repair Delays: Delays caused by road repair work or construction activities may lead to an extension of the journey duration, and customers are advised to plan accordingly.
  •           Unpredictable Weather Conditions: In the event of unpredictable weather conditions affecting the journey, including heavy rainfall or natural disasters, trip adjustments may be necessary.
  •            Flexible Vehicle Upgrade: Customers have the option to upgrade their selected vehicle based on availability. Any additional charges will be communicated and agreed upon before the upgrade.
  •            Customer Behavior: buszonrent reserves the right to refuse services to customers exhibiting unruly behavior, intoxication, or posing a threat to the driver, vehicle, or co[1]passengers.
  •            Trip Alterations: Changes in travel dates or vehicle preferences are permissible with prior notice. However, last-minute alterations may be subject to additional charges.
  •            Re-routing Requests: Customer requests for route changes during the journey will be accommodated if possible, and any resulting tolls or additional charges will be borne by the customer.
  •            Customer Feedback: We encourage customers to provide constructive feedback for continuous improvement. Any concerns or complaints should be communicated within seven days of the trip’s conclusion.
  •           Emergency Procedures: In the event of an emergency, customers are expected to follow the instructions of the driver for a safe and orderly evacuation.


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